Hi there my name is Gina and I am the owner and creator behind Candy Couture Shop.

I started this business to supplement my income to help pay for my children's school tuition. Never in a million years did I think that my hobby would become a career and turn into this amazing business!

I have always been in love with accessories and anything that is beautiful, glittery, sparkles, shines, bright and bold!  I started off working for Afterthoughts in High School which is like Clair's boutique. As part of my job I was required to wear at least 3 accessories which was easy because I would wear at least 10 a day!. I believe that the jewelry your wear separates your from everyone else! The pieces I make are inspired by YOU and designed by ME! All my pieces are truly one of kind! Something to make you feel unique and special because you are!!

I love Audrey Hepburn. I even named my daughter after her. She said it perfectly" Happy Girls are the Prettiest! I believe that jewelry adds to the statement! I dream to be the next Tiffany's. A girl can dream right?

Speaking of dreams they do come true! This business has been a Dream Come True! It has allowed me to become a stay at home working MOM. I am able to support my family with this business and I can do this because of YOU! Because all of the people who support handmade shops.

Did you know when you buy from me you are helping other small business? Well you are. You buy from me and I buy all of my supplies from other small business which in turn supports a whole community of small shops.

I thank you for shopping with us and hope you return for all your jewelry needs!




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